Электронный документооборот и делопроизводство. Эффект Офис - система электронного документооборота Электронный документооборот и делопроизводство. Эффект Офис - система электронного документооборота Электронный документооборот и делопроизводство. Эффект Офис - система электронного документооборота
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They say:
who owns the information,owns the world.
We say:
who manages the firm information, manages the firm.

     We want your management to be effective. We have created software for your information management. We have created      Document Management System Effect Office®.
     Effect Offce is a complete solution for document management.
     Effect Offce is a technology for document management.

  Opportunities UP

Multi-user network archive system. Stores documents and documents properties.
You can create and store documents of any type: texts, spreadsheets, images and others. To each document you can give up to 40 properties with the help of properties adjustment system.


Full-text search. Properties search.
The search system will allow you to find the document by any of the properties, and / or by text string. Search is made on all documents archive within a few seconds due to preliminary indexation of information.


Versions control system.
Version control system will allow you to store up to 99 versions of each document. For each version author and creation time is saved. You can write a comment line to each version, and you can also define how many versions to store for each particular document.


Access control system.
Access control system will protect your documents from unauthorized eyes. System Administrator will open access to the documents only for the right employees according to their authorities. And your personal documents are automatically inaccessible for the others.


Internal task system. Execution control.
Tasks system will allow you to exchange the tasks and messages in Effect Office system. You have an opportunity to attach documents to the tasks, to establish terms for task performance, to supervise tasks execution with the help of workbox.


Effect Mail system. Automatic registration.
Effect Mail system will allow you to exchange the electronic messages between Effect Office system and Whole World with the help of task system. You have an opportunity to attach documents to the e-mails, to establish terms for e-mail performance, to supervise e-mails sending and receiving with the help of workbox.
You can control correspondence of your organisation with the help of e-mail registration system. Each electronic message will be automatically registered according rules defined by administrator. Fulltext indexation of e-mails will allow you to find any message by text string.


Effect Interceptor.
Effect Interceptor will allow you to work with many applications inside. You can open the Effect Office Document through the "open" command of application directly. You can save the Effect Office Document through the "save as" command of application directly. Effect Interceptor will allow you to use the "open" and "save as" dialogs of the Effect Office system instead same dialogs of application


Table report creating system.
You can create the users work reports in table mode at your own discretion. The reports can contain information on archive contents, and tasks performance. The system enables you to choose information for report creation.

  Features UP
» Client-server architecture. Microsoft Windows operation system.
The client - server architecture will allow you to store all valuable information in integral storage, to use effectively machine and network resources. Use of the most widespread operational system makes your work easy, standard and unified.
» Integration. Microsoft Word, Excel. OCR FineReader Abbyy. Open for other software integration.
“Document” toolbar, built-in in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, FineReader Abbyy, will allow you to work with documents archive from these applications. Descriptions of Effect Office call commands, provided by developer, will enable you to integrate any other software in a similar way.
» User friendly interface. Versions in several languages.
User friendly and familiar interface will allow even the not-so-qualified users to begin effective work with Effect Office within one day from the installation moment. Effect Office will transfer your "old" documents to the storages quickly and simply.English, German, Swedish and Russian versions will enable to work with the system in any part of the World.

  Advantages UP
» Low purchase cost. Excellent price/functionality parity.
» Fast users training. Effect Office® is easy to learn. Takes only two hours for basic rules study.
» Fast adaptation. Users can start working right after installation. Maybe adaptating in the work process.
» Low adaptation cost. No need to attract specially trained and expensive consultants.
» Low operation cost. Simplified administrator work. Minimimum system requirements.

  Benefits UP
» Reduction of documents storage wastes.
You won’t have to keep special office furniture, like filing cabinets etc. and you will have more space in your office for recreation or any other needs. You can redirect your employees to other positions, because the system will work for them.
» Reduction of all time-wastes: wastes of document search; wastes of unnecessary motion; wastes of waiting.
You will reduce all time-wastes. Documents search will not take hours and days, but minutes and seconds. Unnecessary moving of papers and employees will end. With the system you won’t have to wait for the documents you urgently need: you will get them right away.
» Reduction of wastes of information lack.
You will reduce all wastes caused by information absence. Now information will be accessible, available for you on time and protected from someone else’s incorrect actions.

  Download UP

Here You can download the Trial versions of the Effect Office.


1. It is possible to create only up to 1000 objects and up to 5 users in Effect Office Network edition (3 users for Local edition) as trial. Then, you have to register your version as working for following work.
2. From the start of work The password of Administrator is 1 (one).
3. All user's passwords in Trial versions are 1 too.

Effect Office Versions 2.6 (within trial mode)
For Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
          English Network           4,300 Kb

Getting started (short string)

   To begin work:

1. Install the system (see Readme.doc or Readme.wri).
2. Register your copy of the system (see Reguide.doc and Reglist.doc). Or start work on Trial mode.
3. Start Effect Office Server (conserv.exe). Not necessary if you are using the Local version
4. Start Effect Office Administrator (admin.exe) and:
»  Create users;
»  Create catalogs. Catalogs are main folders for document storage by the subjects;
»  Assign user’s access to the catalogs. Access may be “Read” (only for reading) or “Full” (for reading and writing).  User can create documents and folders in the fully-accessible catalogs only.
5. Exit Effect Office Administrator.
6. Start Effect Office Workstation (offex.exe) and register the Applications for integration (use menu “tools\integration”). Now work with the system and creation of documents (tasks, attributes) are possible.


Registration of the system is not necessary while you want to use Effect Office on Trial mode.

Files Readme.doc or Readme.wri, Reguide.doc, Reglist.doc are included in Distributive Pack.

  Copyright © 1998-2009 Effect Office™
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